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The Employment Appeals Tribunal makes over €6 million in awards each year… Are you entitled to compensation for an unfair Dismissal?


Unfair Dismissal

It is astounding how often we are called by people who have been sacked without any consultation, procedure and without even having the chance to defend themselves properly. If you’ve been recently dismissed unfairly and you have 12 months employment, it’s almost certain that you’ll be entitled to


Constructive Dismissal

More and more, because of the difficulty in finding alternative employment, we see Employers putting severe pressure on employees and treating them in an inappropriate manner, which on many occasions can leave the employee with no alternative but to resign. If you’ve been forced out


Unfair Selection for Redundancy

Many unscrupulous employers are using the recent recession as an excuse to replace “expensive” staff with a cheaper alternative. In a redundancy the role must cease to exist so if you’ve been replaced you will almost certainly be entitled to compensation


Other Related Claims

People have many employment rights that they are not even aware of. For example if you complain about isssues relating to Health and Safety and are subsequently dismissed or penalised you could claim for compensation. Know more about your rights Now!

Don't Delay

You only have six months from the termination of your employment to make a claim, so you must act quickly. Whether you do it yourself or we help you, you must make your claim within this time limit.

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